• Passing the Flame of the Gospel:
    A Look at Globalization in Missions

         Bob looked anxiously at his watch. His plane would be late getting into Tokyo, so he'd better email ahead to let his partners know he'd be late. Getting out his laptop, he wished he could use his cell phone to call his wife back in Boston; he wanted to know how his son's baseball championship turned out. In his mind he reviewed today's schedule: first the video conference with colleagues in Los Angeles, tied in with the firm in Boston and his venture partners here in Tokyo. After that, a look at the computer language translation software...

  • RTS Students Span the Globe With the Gospel
         As technology advances and transportation becomes easier at the dawn of the 21st century, more and more Two-Thirds World Christians are coming to the United States for missions training. RTS is blessed to have many of these students in one or more of our five missions degree programs. It is indeed exciting to see how the Lord is spreading the Gospel through diverse personalities and unique ministries.

  • Does God Manage Your Money? by Dr. Bruce Waltke
    Dr. Bruce Waltke     John Wesley noted long ago that, in reference to money, Christianity tends to undermine itself. In a sermon by Wesley recently featured in Christianity Today, he observed that on the one hand, Christianity causes people to be diligent and frugal and, as a result, to become rich. On the other hand, riches beget pride, love of the world, and a disposition that is destructive of Christianity. He concluded that, unless Christianity can prevent this, it cannot stand. The teaching of the book of Proverbs answers that problem.

  • Musings From a Veteran Missionary: Can the Reformers be Relevant to Tribal Christians? by Dr. John McIntosh
         My friend, Mr. S., had five daughters, and his mother had long urged him to take a second wife to get a son. He loved his wife and was a godly Christian, so he didn't. Eventually the Lord gave him two sons. But why this pressure from his mother, who was at least nominally Christian?
         Sometime later S., a fourth-year theological student confessed that he had held pre-Christian beliefs regarding ancestors well into seminary. He would go to the grave of his ancestors with his Christian (baptized) parents to give prayers and offerings to their ompu (distinguished ancestors). Only towards the end of his third year of theological study did he realize that he couldn't do that.

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President's Column
A Little Quiet, Please!

Dr. Luder Whitlock
   If you were able to wake up and find yourself living in 1000 AD, you would be shocked by the many differences in life. For example, the quiet would be deafening! No cars or trucks. No tractors. No planes or trains. No radios or TVs. Just the quiet of small villages, interrupted occasionally by the sounds of birds, animals, and people noises. Sound idyllic? By 2000 AD standards, it certainly is

Reaching Out With God's Word
Q and A with Eugene Habecker

     Q. What do you mean by the globalization of the American Bible Society?...

Eugene Habecker

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