• India's Southern Belle by Joe Maxwell
          RTS Jackson 1976 Graduate, Susy Varghese, has been laboring for three decades in India's anti-Christian population, experiencing great fruit and great trials.

  •  Press on to the Prize by Dr. Steven J. Lawson
         God's Word has many encouraging things to say to those who have entered the Christian race of faith. Although challenging, it is a race that we can - and must - win with God's power.

  • Calvin the Evangelist by Frank A. James, III
           There are many popular misconceptions about John Calvin. Who is the true Calvin behind the image? Will Durant, the famous author of the eleven-volume series on the History of Western Civilization, said of Calvin: "We shall always find it hard to love the man, John Calvin, who darkened the human soul with the most absurd and blasphemous conception of God in all the long and honored history of nonsense."

  •  Shepherd of the Catalina Foothills by Joe Maxwell
    God made sure that Pastor Mark Roessler' life lacked nothing by taking almost everything Mark ever wanted - but him.

  • Too Old to Heed God's Call? by Scott Morris
          Meet Ed Bowman, who is beginning his second year at RTS. When asked to describe what is unusual about him, he chuckles and declares without hesitation, "I'm old!" Actually Bowman is only forty-six. In today's youth obsessed culture, however, Bowman's entry into formal ministry studies is considered "late in life." It should come as no surprise, however, that God takes a different view.

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Chairman's Column
   It is said that "change brings about change," but that is not always true.

Cultural Continuity, not Cultural Tyranny
Q and A with
Ken Myers

     Q. There is so much talk today about preserving "our culture" or erosion of "the culture." What is behind this anxious wave of concern?


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