Theological Education From a Distance: The Virtual Campus in Year 2000
by Dr. Andrew J. Peterson
Did you know that often the Apostle Paul was a distance educator? It's true. In addition to ministering in person, by God's grace he was able to write epistles, which taught the faith, expressed his love, and encouraged hope among the brethren...
The Good News Doctor Is In
by Becky Hobbs
Dr. Jeff Bradstreet sees only a few patients one day a week in his Palm Bay, Florida, office. But soon he'll reach hundreds of thousands when his The Good News Doctor radio show goes nationwide in October...
What is Grace?
by Dr. Jerry Bridges
When I was a boy growing up in East Texas, we lived near some railroad tracks. In those days, homeless men (whom we called hoboes) often rode the rail cars from town to town. Occasionally, one of those men would show up at our front door and ask my mother for a meal. Without asking any questions, Mother would go to the kitchen and prepare a plate of food for him...

Fall 1998

Fall 1998 Reformed Quarterly

Volume 17, Number 3


Something Old, Something New: Seeking the Balance in Worship
by Donald Fortson
Public worship brings out intense feelings in Christians. And it should, since corporate worship is so important to the spiritual growth of believers. These deep convictions are appropriate, but they can bring disharmony to a local fellowship of believers...
Do I Really Need to Study Church History?
Q and A With Thomas Oden
That Every Student Should Know
by Becky Hobbs
Meet Sara. She is a sophomore at a large U.S. university. Brought up in an upper middle class family, she's never wanted for anything materially. But she's rarely gone to church, and a few years ago her parents divorced. She's sexually active but is afraid of getting AIDS or some other sexually transmitted disease. Her main question about Christianity is, "What does Jesus have to do with my life?"...
President's Column
by Luder Whitlock
All eyes are firmly fixed on 2000 AD. The closer it gets, the more we think about it. But as we eye the 21st Century, we should not forget the development and dramatic growth of the evangelical movement that has occurred during the 20th Century...


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