• How do you View the World?
         Andy Hoffecker loves to talk history, but he'll probably take it a step further than most people. He'll more than likely want to know how the historical concept or philosophical system under discussion fits into the worldview that governs your life. If he gets a blank stare, he'll just smile and assume that's his cue to enlighten you on one of his favorite subjects.

  • Foul Weather Faith by Dr. Guy Richardson
         "If we don't get help, we're going to die." We weren't the greatest sailors, but my family had several boats we enjoyed on the lake near our home or on the Gulf of Mexico during summer vacation. We were on such an outing off the coast of Pensacola when the squall came up. Just as we realized the danger, the wind died, stranding us in open water.

  • Frank Li: Smart Soldier for Christ
         When Frank Li's father named his new son "Wanbing" (meaning ten thousand soldiers) forty-three years ago, he wasn't kidding. The impoverished farmer desperately wanted Frank to be a great soldier for anyone - even the Chinese Communists - to bring honor to the family and allow the young man to escape the backbreaking farm labor that eventually sent both parents to early graves.

  • You Mean I Need to Read the Directions?
    by Dr. John Oliver

         One of the most interesting people I've ever known was an elderly British gentleman in my pastorate at First Presbyterian Church in Augusta, Georgia, where I pastored for several decades. When our two sons were still quite small, this distinguished retired Royal Navy officer came to me one day and said, "I want to assemble any of the toys you get for your boys." He knew my handicaps!

  • Northland: A Different Kind of Church
         If you attend Northland Church in Orlando, Florida, you're just as likely to worship with believers in Africa as well as neighbors from around the block. That's because in 1998 the leadership sensed that God was calling the 11,000 - member congregation toward a new form of church, one which reflects His triune nature of both singularity and plurality. They dubbed that form "a distributed church."
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President's Column
Have You Faced Your Own Mortality?

Dr. Luder Whitlock
   Cancer. The news might as well have been a powerful body blow - stunning in impact. How could it be true? That was my first reaction. It was so unexpected to hear that our friend - so vivacious and attractive - had been struck by this lethal disease that claims so many lives. Within a short time she was gone. Suddenly life seemed so short.

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