RTS/Charlotte Professor Dr. Douglas Kelly and his wife, Caroline, have received the Robert Bruce Cooke Family History Book Award and the Willie Parker Peace History Book Award for their family history volume entitled Carolina Scots: A Historical and Genealogical Study of Over 100 Years of Emigration. The awards are given by the North Carolina Society of Historians.


   Dr. John Frame has been appointed Professor of Systematic Theology at RTS/Orlando. With degrees from Princeton (A.B.), Yale (M.Phil.), and Westminster (B.D.), Frame is a noted theologian and prolific writer. His most recent works are Contemporary Worship Music: A Biblical Defense (P & R) and the forthcoming Doctrine of God (P & R).


   The Peter Martyr Reader, co-edited by Dr. Frank James, J. Patrick Donnelly, and Joseph C. McLelland was published recently. James also wrote two articles in the volume, "On Predestination" and "Justification and Faith." "Peter Martyr Vermigli and the Reformed Doctrine of Justification" also appeared last fall in the Princeton Review.

   Dr. Scott Coupland published "Effects of Couples' Perceptions of Genogram Construction on Therapeutic Alliance and Session Impact: A Growth Curve Analysis" in the December issue of Contemporary Family Therapy (Vol. 21, No. 4). He also co-authored "Ethical Codes, Decision-Making Models, and Christian Faith" in the fall issue of Journal of Psychology and Christianity (Vol. 18, No.3).

   Dr. Simon Kistemaker contributed a chapter entitled "William Hendriksen" to the recently published Evangelical Interpreters of the Twentieth Century (Baker).

   Dr. Ronald Nash contributed articles for the recently published Augustine Through the Ages: An Encyclopedia (Eerdmans).

   Dr. Albert Freundt contributed articles to the Dictionary of the Presbyterian and Reformed Tradition in America (InterVarsity) and Volume 1, 4th Edition of Die Religion Geschichte und Gegenwart (Mohr Siebeck).

   Dr. Will Norton published "Retrospect-Prospect" in the January 7th issue of Pulse.

   Dr. Bruce Waltke published "The Role of the 'Valiant Wife' in the Marketplace" in Crux (September, 1999) and "Wisdom Literature" in The Face of Old Testament Studies: A Survey of Contemporary Approaches, edited by David Baker and Bill Arnold (Baker, 1999).

   Dr. Luder Whitlock contributed a chapter to A Mighty Long Journey: On the Way to Racial Reconciliation by Timothy George.


   Dr. Frank Young testified before the Senate Appropriations Committee on Labor, Health, and Human Services in November, recommending against federal funding for research using human embryonic stem cells. He also gave plenary lectures on bioethics at the Veritas Forum 2000 at the University of Western Ontario in January.

   Dr. Simon Kistemaker presented "The Temple in the Apocalypse" at the annual Evangelical Theological Society meeting in November in Boston.

   Dr. Gary Rupp spoke at a marriage and family retreat at Westminster Presbyterian in Butler, Pennsylvania, in November and at a spiritual development conference in Tampa in February.

   Dr. Michael Payne will teach apologetics in Colorado and Kansas this spring.

   Dr. Knox Chamblin spoke at a Bible conference in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, in October.

   Dr. Frank James presented a paper entitled "Translating Peter Martyr into English: The Peter Martyr Library" to the Calvin Colloquium in January.

   Dr. Enoch Wan preached in Tokyo and did research in Hong Kong and Mainland China in January.

   Dr. John McIntosh will teach the book of Romans at St. Andrews Episcopal Church in Jackson, Mississippi, this spring.

   Dr. Donald Fortson presented a seminar on "American Presbyterians and the Westminster Standards: An Historical Perspective" for the Mid-Atlantic Presbytery of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in January.

   Dr. William Richardson will present a workshop in March on psychotherapy for children in a family context at the International Conference of the Christian Association of Psychological Studies in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

   Dr. Luder Whitlock presented lectures on "The Influence of Reformed Thought in the Modern World" in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Brazil, in December. He also spoke to the Fellowship of Evangelical Seminary Presidents in January and the DIAP Group of the Association of Theological Schools in February.

   Dr. John Oliver was the Bible teacher at the annual Bible and Missions Conference at the SIM Retirement Center in Sebring, Florida, in February.

   Dr. Andrew Peterson taught "Methods of Counseling" and "Senior Research Project" at Westminster Seminary in January.

   The Reverend John Muether spoke at Calvary OPC in Tallahassee, Florida, in November for their 25th anniversary celebration.

   Dr. Steve Brown spoke at Spanish River Presbyterian Church in Boca Raton, Florida, in February.

   Dr. Richard Pratt spoke to a meeting of Voces Clamantium at Dartmouth College in January.

   The Reverend Douglas Falls spoke at a Bible conference at Glendale Presbyterian Church (EPC) in DeFuniak Springs, Florida, in November.

   Dr. John Currid will teach Hebrew at Ukraine Biblical Seminary in March.

   The Reverend Robert Cara taught Greek Exegesis at Ukraine Biblical Seminary in March.

   Dr. Will Norton was a guest observer at the Freedom Forum in Berlin, Germany, and Oslo, Norway.

   Dr. Charles MacKenzie lectured on Pascal at the University of Pennsylvania recently.

   Dr. Andrew Hoffecker conducted a worldview series last fall at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Jackson, Mississippi, and taught a course in Basic Theology at Mississippi Valley State University at Itta Bena, Mississippi.

   Dr. Allen Curry will teach a course at Highland Theological College in Scotland in March.

   Dr. Sam Larsen taught a missions course at Ukraine Biblical Seminary in October and spoke at several missions conferences during January and February.


   Matt Brinkley presented a one-day seminar for Youth Ministry Day at RTS/Jackson. Brinkley is Youth Pastor at Perimeter Presbyterian Church in Atlanta and works with P.A.C.T. ministry.


   Dr. Richard Pratt's video course "He Gave Us Prophets" has been released and is also available in Russian and Spanish. Pratt is Professor of Old Testament at RTS/Orlando.


   RTS Professor Dr. Duncan Rankin led a mission team from First Presbyterian and Trinity Presbyterian Churches of Jackson, Mississippi, to Dundee, Scotland, last fall. The trip included door-to-door evangelism in Muslim, slum, and student sections of the city.


   Jeremy Boccabello (RTS '98) presented a paper on the Christology of Athanasius by RTS Professor Dr. Duncan Rankin at the Thirteenth International Conference on Patristics Studies in Oxford, England. Rankin's paper has been submitted for publication in Studia Patristica, the journal of the proceedings.


   Online Greek II, the second phase of beginning Greek instruction through Distance Education, is now available at RTS/Virtual. Contact Walt DeHart at 1-800-227-2013.


   Singer Michael Card provided a concert for the student body at RTS/Orlando November 17.

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