Bible Study
Worship: Our Gift to God
by Dr. Allen D. Curry

     I'm probably the world's worst gift-giver. I'm notorious for goofing up. I err because I'm not sensitive and don't pay attention to what people like. You may ask, "What does that have to do with worship?" If you really want to please your wife, you give your wife something she wants. Who knows best what she wants other than your wife? Likewise, that's the way we should understand worship. God desires praise, honor and adoration. If we want to give God proper worship, we must give Him what He wants.

Seminary Behind Bars by Paul Schwarz
      When people try to emphasize the simplicity of something, they often resort to the cliche, "It isn't rocket science." But when a rocket scientist is performing the activity in question, it brings an entirely new meaning to the saying. Such is the case with a program administered by RTS and its Virtual Campus. The Charlotte-based RTS Virtual Campus provides anyone, anywhere, with access to a seminary education without the need to actually relocate to a physical campus.

Training Ground by Paul Schwarz
       Andre Murzin was an atheist. That's what he had been brought up to believe in his native Ukraine, which at the time was still a republic of the Soviet Union. But in 1990, with the Iron Curtain rusting away all across Eastern Europe, conditions were ripe for change not only in Andre's spiritual perspective, but also in Ukraine itself.

Hazardous Materialism by J .V. Fesko
     We certainly recognize that idolizing any possession or thing is inherently wrong; God commands us not to raise up any idol in our lives. Anything that takes the place of God, namely Jesus Christ, of course, is ultimately a bad thing. Yet for the inquisitive mind, naked commands often only generate questions in the heart, questions about why materialism is such a dangerous foe to the Christian. What about materialism makes it so deadly?

True Confessions by Paul Schwarz
      Mike Herrin and Jonah have something in common. Of course, Mike hasn't been swal-lowed by a giant fish and spit out onto dry land after three days, but like the Old Testament prophet, he has run from God's will for his life. In Mike's case, the belly of the fish was a high-school classroom in Valdosta, GA, and instead of being there three days, he stayed there three years. And whereas Jonah went to Nineveh, Mike went to RTS-Jackson.

What Is the Confessing Church Movement?

Volume 22, Number 1-2
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President's Column
   A concerned investor called his stockbroker. The volatile stock market was making him nervous. He wasn't sure whether to hold or to sell his stock portfolio. He asked his broker, "What is the market going to do over the next few months?" His broker responded, "I think we can be pretty certain the market will either go up or go down."

Q&A - Treasure Transplant
An Interview with Daryl Heald of Generous Giving

     Q: How did stewardship become your passion?...

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