Why I Am a Counselor
By Dr. James Hurley
Some people ask why I have devoted a great part of my life to the counseling program at RTS. I haven't devoted my life to this program; rather, God has given me a chance to spend my life doing something I love in a wonderfully supportive setting...
Born to Teach God's Word
When RTS student David Arthur taught his first Sunday School class at Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the pastors put him in a little room that would hold about ten people. A few weeks later, attendance had shot up to seventy-five and they had to move his class to the fellowship hall...
A Father's Profession of Faith
by Dr. Burt D. Braunius
Peter was nine weeks old in 1973 when the doctors at Baptist Hospital in Pensacola, Florida, said that he had cystic fibrosis. We were young parents, twenty-nine years old. At that time, CF children lived an average of twelve to fourteen years, suffering with chronic lung infections and digestive disorders...

Spring 1999

Volume 18, Number 1


President's Column
by Luder Whitlock
I have known a few ornery people -- the kind who insist that black is white or white is black just to disagree. Few people are like that -- thank goodness. But we may often be more reactionary than we imagine, though not so difficult...

How to Minister to the Disabled Q and A with
Joni Eareckson Tada

A Getting the Church Off Dead Center
Ron Davis (RTS '95) can't stand to see dying churches. He's as sad about their demise as you would be upon hearing of the serious illness or death of a close relative. But Ron and his staff at the Greenville Baptist Association are determined to fight the condition they see in the congregations around them and begin a reformation of the churches in America, starting in South Carolina...
"Drink My Water and You'll Never Thirst Again"
by Dr. Dennis J. Ireland
Outside my office window on the Jackson campus is a drain for rain runoff. At certain times of the year (especially the winter) a lot of water goes down that drain. In the summer, however, when it is hot and dry, what little rain we get produces a strip of green grass where the water runs down to the drain. Everything else is thirsty brown. The contrast is striking...

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