• I'm Looking for the Best Men I Can Find
          George Sanker still remembers the day in 1984 when the landlord evicted his family from their inner city home in Washington, D.C. He was sixteen that summer afternoon when he rounded the corner and saw everything they owned sitting in the front yard. He still recalls the pain of losing cherished childhood possessions forever.

  • Are You Spiritually Mature? by Dr. Luder Whitlock
         After the usual perfunctory greetings following the funeral service, Alice and Robert were walking to their car in the parking lot when she said, "I'm going to miss Helen. She was the finest Christian I have ever known."
          You may have heard similar statements on occasion, but they raise the question: How do we know who is a fine Christian and who is not? To phrase it another way, how do you become a person of spiritual stature?

  • "When She is Old" - Reflections on Ministry to Elderly Saints by Dr. Knox Chamblin
         I arrive at the Lakeland Healthcare Center in northeast Jackson, where my mother has resided for nearly two years. As I walk down the corridor, I encounter plaintive cries for help and unpleasant odors. Opposite the south nursing station, women sit motionless in their wheelchairs: some stare vacantly into space, some wear expressions of perplexity mingled with sadness.

  • San Pablo Seminary: A Beacon of Light to Latin America
         Ten years ago San Pablo Seminary was a shining light for the Gospel in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. Today that light is beaming all the way to Central and South America. Begun in 1982 as a small seminary servicing the Yucatan, it quickly branched out to other parts of Mexico. Today it is the largest Presbyterian seminary in the country (and the only one in the Yucatan), boasting students from a third of Mexico's states.

  • A Kinder, Gentler Calvinism
    by Dr. James N. McGuire
         I think I heard a snort from someone who read this title just now. The mood of many in the Reformed camp is anything but kinder and gentler as they wrestle with the seeming mudslide of lukewarm evangelicalism which, they contend, has lost the holiness of God in a man-centered Gospel.

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President's Column
Turning Adversity Into Opportunity

Dr. Luder Whitlock
   The story begins in 1668 when Bunyan and several other citizens were imprisoned for refusing to work at the parish church as directed by Parliament. His imprisonment lasted more than twelve years. It could easily have embittered him and robbed him of his greatest contribution to Christianity. Yet, it had the opposite effect. Why?

Doing the Right Thing
Q and A with David Lucas

     Q. How do you live out your faith in your business?...

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