Summer 1997

Volume 16, Issue 2

Make It Count

by Dr. Luder G. Whitlock

969 - Does that number mean anything to you? According to Genesis 5:27, that is how many years Methuselah lived. As far as we know, no one has lived longer. As a matter of fact, no one comes close to that number today. While more and more people are living into their 8Os and 90s, and the news media have recently reported people living to the age of 120, that is a blip compared to 969. Methuselah's record remains a seemingly unreachable number for the foreseeable future.

Yet, in spite of his long life, Methuselah receives little attention and is unknown to most people. Perhaps one reason for that is the relative insignificance of his life apart from its length. When you stop to think about it, he is an important reminder that it is not how long you live that matters, but how you live.

That does not mean you are free to abuse your body and jeopardize your health, for the Bible emphasizes the sanctity of life. So we must care for our bodies and preserve our health, rejoicing in the improved circumstances that enable us, with attention, to live longer than our forebears. We praise the Lord for this progress over earlier centuries.

Nonetheless, when you are face to face with the Holy God someday. He will not ask how long you lived, but what you did for Him. Were you obedient to His will? Did you spread the Gospel, build the church, and do good? Were you a good steward of life's resources? Did your family become a source of blessing?

A few believers determined to do good can, by the Lord's grace, make a difference. A handful of Apostles turned the world upside down. Luther and Calvin, refusing to bow to the spirit of their age, gave birth to the Reformation.

Or, think of our Savior who lived a mere thirty-three years. Yet, His sinless life, His atoning death on the cross, and His dramatic resurrection remain the central, pivotal events of human history. He opens the door of eternity to those who trust in Him.

At the end of World War II, Oskar Schindler fretted about others he might have saved. Yet, there were those who saved none and remained unperturbed.

What incentive do you have to avoid frittering away time and opportunity? Make your life count now so that you will be ready for eternity, and so you can help others get ready too. Life is short - Make it count.

We are trying to make every day count at RTS. When you are face to face with the Holy God someday, He will not ask how long you lived, but what you did for Him. Although we have made great progress in thirty years, the Lord is providing new and unparalleled opportunities for us. We want to make the most of them through wise decisions and focused efforts. We invite you to join with us to make a difference, to champion a new Reformation. Together let's make it count.


Reformed Quarterly, Volume 16, Issue 2
Reformed Theological Seminary
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