Summer 1998

Volume 17, Issue 2

Pressing On For Truth

by Dr. Luder Whitlock

Why has RTS grown so rapidly in recent years? It is easy to reply, "Because God has blessed RTS immensely." That is true, for without His blessing we would wither away -- as other schools and churches have -- once the glory departed. Size is not the paramount factor; honoring the Lord is.

That is not to disregard planning, effort, and faith as factors favored of God. Trusting the Lord, our founders firmly established RTS upon the authority of the inerrant Bible, and they insisted on emphasizing evangelism, spirituality, and ministry as well as theological orthodoxy. Effective ministry and strong, healthy churches require a blend of these emphases.

We were not satisfied to survive; we wanted to build the best Reformed seminary in the United States and be in the vanguard of a sweeping spiritual renewal that would bring reformation to the land. To that end, we developed an outstanding faculty and sought students with a vibrant faith and a sacrificial, servant attitude. That plan has worked well.

We are still keeping the faith and fanning the flame of vision that has guided us for more than thirty years. But more Christian leaders are needed for the pastorate and various specialized ministries. They need minds brimming with truth and hearts blazing with love for the Savior. With our country in moral chaos, education in decline, and denominations in ferment, a golden opportunity lies before us for a strong biblical influence. God's grace is needed now more than ever to bring healing and hope. By faith we must seize the opportunity He provides.

So for us to relax and become complacent with what has been accomplished is the antithesis of our commitment. As long as we have breath and energy, we must press on to exalt the Lord and build His church. Holding out unchanging truths from our unchanging God, perhaps we may help rescue our civilization before it destroys itself.

So we will keep expanding numbers and influence, trusting the Lord to continue to bless our efforts and bring a new Reformation. We need your prayers and support. Will you help us reach out and make a difference? Help us train a new generation of church leaders who will change the world. Remember every RTS alumnus entering the ministry helps bring that renewal.

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