College Kids Capture Foster's Heart
     When J.R. Foster entered RTS/Charlotte in 1996, he and his wife, Eliza, knew in their hearts that God was calling them to campus ministry. J.R. remembers the confusion and spiritual searching of his collegiate years and is grateful that someone took the time to lead him to Christ and disciple him...

So You Need a Pastor...
     First Church wondered if the agony would ever end. Would they ever find a pastor? The search committee (not to mention the congregation) were worn out and ready to quit. Membership had dropped; those remaining were discouraged. ...

Bach, Bubba, and the Blues Brothers: The Singing Saviorís Many Voices -
by Dr. Reggie Kidd
     Spend a few years leading music in a church or seminary setting, and you will eventually hear all of the following. I have.
     "Weíre going to do happening music in the 8:30 service, and if the geriatrics donít like it, they can go to the 11:00 service."
     "To put it bluntly: Bach is simply better music, and if people canít handle a superior aesthetic in worship, well, there are plenty of other churches in town..."

Summer 1999

Volume 18, Number 2


President's Column
by Dr. Luder Whitlock
     In an increasingly secular world, the need is greater than ever for evangelicals to discover and maximize their common heritage and commitments.
     Perhaps this is as good a time as any for evangelicals to consider the need to work for organizational unity and coalition building. The commonalties among evangelicals are so much more important than sectarian distinctives. Cooperative efforts and mutual support and encouragement at every level will be essential for the future...

The Challenge of the Third Millenium: Q and A
with Dr. J.I. Packer

Are Your Sermons Making Any Difference?
By Dr. Frank Kik
     Camille glanced furtively at her watch. A quarter after twelve -- the roast was surely burning. She really should listen to Pastor Hendricks' latest sermon on Daniel, but all that Old Testament prophecy simply put her to sleep. What in the world did it have to do with her world of kids, carpool, and PTA?...

John Carson: Man With A Mission
     John Carson (RTS' 73) always said that he would never become president of Erskine College and Seminary in Due West, South Carolina, even though colleagues told him for years that he should be. Today, as he sits behind his handsome desk in the president's office at Erskine, he smiles ruefully and admits that one should never say never...


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