Dr. Frank James, Associate Professor of Church History at RTS/Orlando, has been awarded a Lilly Foundation Theological Research Grant for 1999-2000. The grant, administered by the Association of Theological Schools, is for research at Oxford University on the topic "An Immigrant Theologian in England's Reformation: Peter Martyr Vermigli's Cross-Cultural Contribution to Edwardian Culture, Politics, and Religion."


Dr. Harold O. J. Brown has been named the John R. Richardson Professor of Philosophy and Theology at RTS/Charlotte. Dr. Richardson was Senior Pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Atlanta and a strong supporter of Reformed Seminary.

Dr. John Oliver has been appointed Professor of Homiletics and Practical Theology at RTS/Charlotte. He is currently the Senior Pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Montgomery, Alabama, and for many years was the Senior Pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Augusta, Georgia.

Dr. David Jussely (RTS '74) will become Dean of Students and Director of the Doctor of Ministry program at RTS/Jackson. He has pastored several Mississippi churches and has recently completed his Ph.D. in speech communications.


The Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences (CTNS) has announced on behalf of the John Templeton Foundation that RTS has won a prestigious Science and Religion Course Program award. Dr. Duncan Rankin, Associate Professor of Systematic Theology, and Dr. Paul J. Hoehner, an anesthesiologist and Visiting Professor of Theology, jointly developed the course "Science and Theology: Past Paradigms, Present Dialogue, and Future Directions" to be offered this fall. Open to all students, the course will be videocast from Jackson to the Orlando and Charlotte campuses.


RTS/Virtual is developing a pilot master's degree in theology, MAR/Distance, in conjunction with the staff of the Association of Theological Schools. Most of the courses in the program can be completed through distance education.


Dr. Enoch Wan, Professor of Missions and Anthropology at RTS/Jackson, and RTS/Jackson student Brendon O'Dowd recently received the Higher Education Achievement Day Working to Advance Excellence (HEADWAE) Award.


RTS Board member David Lucas has been inducted into the Lee County Junior Achievement Hall of Fame by Junior Achievement of Southwest Florida. Lucas is Chairman of the Board of Bonita Bay Properties, Inc.


Dr. Hughes Oliphant Old, noted authority on church worship, will teach "Worship and Preaching" July 12-16 at RTS/Charlotte. For many years Old was pastor of Faith Presbyterian Church in West Lafayette, Indiana. Currently he is teaching courses in worship at Princeton Theological Seminary.


Dr. Ronald Nash spoke at conferences conducted by Summit Ministries in March and April. During the summer, he will also speak at eight Summit Ministries high school conferences in Colorado and Texas.

Dr. Charles MacKenzie lectured in March at the University of Florida and in April at the University of North Carolina.

Dr. Bruce Waltke gave the Staley Lectures at Columbia International University in March and lectured in Brazilian Presbyterian churches in May.

Dr. Derek Thomas spoke on "The Goodness of God" at the annual Soli Deo Gloria Conference in May in Pittsburgh.

Dr. Richard Pratt lectured at San Pablo Seminary in Mexico in March and spoke at YWAM and RUF conferences in April.

Dr. William Richardson did a Train Up a Child workshop April 15-18 at the International Convention of the Christian Association for Psychological Studies (CAPS) in Colorado Springs.

Dr. Steve Childers gave the opening address to the 28th Annual Conference of the Association of Christian Continuing Education Schools and Seminaries (ACCESS) in Orlando.

During the spring, Dr. Douglas Kelly had numerous speaking engagements, including addresses to the Crieff Fellowship of Scottish Ministers and the Free Church of Scotland's Spring Conference; lectures at the Banner of Truth Conference in Leicester, England; sermons in Wales; and conference addresses to Reformed and Baptist pastors in Romania.

Dr. Gary Rupp presented a seminar with Dr. Dale Berry (RTS '86) at the Christian Association of Psychological Studies Conference in Knoxville March 26.

Dr. Frank Young gave the first Walter C. Randall Lecture in Biomedical Ethics to members of the American Physiological Society April 19 in Washington, DC.

Dr. Andrew Hoffecker spoke at a Bible conference in Kosciusko in March.

Dr. James Hurley spoke at an open forum on dating at Covenant College in April.

Dr. Andy Peterson delivered a series of presentations on pastoral counseling at the national meeting of church planters for the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Grand Rapids in May.


Dr. Frank Young, Executive Director of the RTS/Washington D.C. Extension, will teach a course entitled "Sanctity of Life" this summer at RTS/Orlando. Young is also former Commissioner of the Federal Food and Drug Administration.


David Foster, Director of Clinical Services and Training for Warren-Yazoo Mental Health Service, has been named Marriage and Family Therapist of the Year by the Mississippi Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. He is an Approved Supervisor and Visiting Lecturer for the RTS Marriage and Family Therapy program.


Dr. and Mrs. C. Everett Koop enjoy the dedication activities January 26 in Orlando with RTS President Dr. Luder Whitlock and his wife, Mary Lou. Koop was the keynote speaker at the dedication ceremonies.


Drs. Tim Keller and Ed Clowney will again co-teach "Preaching the Gospel in a Postmodern World" at RTS/Orlando January 10-14, 2000. They taught the same course last January. Keller is pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian in New York City and Clowney is former president of Westminster Seminary.


RTS President Dr. Luder Whitlock was in Cambridge for two months this spring working on a new book.


Dr. Reggie Kidd taught "Exposition of Titus" February 9-May 19 on the Internet. The class was fully accredited. For an overview of his course, go to rq.rts.edu/courses/titus/titus.htm.


RTS/Virtual now offers an online course in Beginning Greek, including Greek I and II. Call Walt DeHart at 1-800-227-2013 or write distance.education@rts.edu for more information.


Dr. Ralph Davis published his expositional commentary on 2 Samuel (Christian Focus Publications) in May.

Dr. Ronald Nash's newest book, When a Baby Dies, has been published by Zondervan.

Dr. Charles Hill's article "The Epistula Apostolorum: An Asian Tract from the Time of Polycarp" has been published in the Journal of Early Christian Studies, 7 (1999).

Dr. Bruce Waltke recently published two articles: "Proverbs 10:1-16: A Coherent Collection?" in Reading and Hearing the Word: Essays in Honor of John Stek, edited by Arie Leder (Calvin Seminary and CRC Publications, 1999) and "The Old Testament Interpretation Issues for Big Idea Preaching: Problematic Sources, Poetics and Preaching the Old Testament, An Exposition of Proverbs 26:1-12," in The Big Idea of Biblical Preaching: Connecting the Bible to People, edited by Wilhite and Gibson (Baker, 1999).

Dr. Duncan Rankin and Stephen Berry presented a paper entitled "The Woodrow Evolution Controversy" to a conference on the doctrine of creation in March. The paper will be a chapter in a forthcoming book entitled Did God Create in Six Days?

Dr. Frank James' article "Peter Martyr Vermigli: At the Crossroads of Late Medieval Scholasticism, Christian Humanism and Resurgent Augustinianism" appeared in Protestant Scholasticism: Essays in Reassessment, edited by Carl Trueman and R. Scott Clark (Paternoster Press, 1999). Also his book review of Peter Aureol on Predestination: A Challenge to Late Medieval Thought by James Halverson was published in the March, 1999, issue of the Sixteenth Century Journal.

Dr. Harold O. J. Brown's "Odium Humani Generis" (Hatred of the Human Race) appeared in the March issue of Religion and Society Report.

Dr. John Currid's new book, Archaeology and the Land of the Bible: A Basic Guide will be released in July by Baker Book House.

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