• Returning to the Father by Lynwood C. Perez
         How many of the sermons that you have heard over the years do you still remember? If you are like me, you probably don't remember many, at least not in their entirety. What about stories? How many stories have you heard that you can remember? Probably more stories than sermons I would think. I love stories, and some of my earliest memories of church are the stories I heard.

  • I Need Jesus in My Heart, Don't You?
         Bart Garrett was only six years old when he realized he was in spiritual trouble and needed a Savior. His Sunday School teacher had shared the Gospel with her class as she told them the story of the prodigal son. Riding home from church, Bart asked his mother if she had Jesus in her heart. When she replied that she did, he said, "Well, I don't think I do, and I really think he needs to be there." So they prayed at a red light, and Bart began his walk with Jesus Christ.

  • This Professor's Door is Never Closed
    Dr. Dick Belcher     If you want to know much about Dr. Richard Belcher, you'll have to ask his students and friends. Talking about himself is not his strong suit, probably because he is too busy thinking about others. That's why you'll find that, across the board, colleagues and friends simply love this quiet, self-effacing Professor of Old Testament at RTS/Charlotte.

  • The Wonder of God Over Us and With Us
    by the Rev. John Frame
    John Frame     Have you ever considered the utter mystery surrounding the incarnation of Christ - God entering our time and space while remaining above time and space as our sovereign Lord? The eternal becomes temporal; the infinite becomes finite; the Word that created all things becomes flesh. It is beyond human comprehension. The one who knows all things must "grow in wisdom". The all-sufficient one must hunger and thirst. The creator of all must be homeless. The Lord of life must suffer and die. God in the flesh must endure estrangement from God the Father.

  • A Man Called to Create Business
         Artists paint pictures, composers write music, and some people, like William M. "Billy" Mounger feel called by God to create businesses. An RTS alum ('83) and a member of the Board of Trustees, he has been quite successful in that calling, recently being named Ernst & Young's "2000 Entrepreneur of the Year" for Mississippi and Louisiana. From an initial small investment in 1983 in something called "cellular phones," Billy, at 43, has built Tritel Communications, employing over 1,100 people.

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