• A Blockbuster Christmas by Dan Claire
         Several years ago my wife and I were driving to visit family on Christmas morning. We stopped for gas at a convenience store far off the beaten path, a quiet Southern crossroads surrounded by churches. After filling up the tank, I went inside to pay and was surprised to find a long line at the cashier. From the back of the line I watched in amazement as each person stepped up and selected videos to rent from behind the counter. It was 11 A.M. on the most wonderful day of year," and the boredom of Christmas had already driven these folks out in search of something more entertaining.

  • Christmas in New Orleans by Caroline Pittman
         Rain drums these familiar pot-holed streets tonight, falling through the mild air onto warehouses, factories, dilapidated houses, and projects half-demolished, half-inhabited. Even the poorest roofs and windows in New Orleans's Desire Street projects glow through the downpour with colored lights and orange electric candles. The light from some displays can be seen a block away. Canned-snow lettering covers windowsills with Merry Christmas messages.

  • Christmas & the Stem Cell Debate by Frank Young
           Over four hundred years ago, Rabelais prophetically stated "Science without conscience is but death of the soul."
         The recent successful cloning of a sheep and successful stem-cell transplantations have heightened ethical concerns. Cloning and stem-cell harvesting challenge our understanding of the very nature of humanness. The DNA code has been cracked, and Christians must understand the implications.

  • From Backstreet Boy to God's Man by Joe Maxwell
         The limousine pulled up and Burk Parsons climbed in. Four other teenagers sat beside him - laughing, chomping on snacks, and watching the world through the lens of luxury. Burk was living the teen dream.
          Just a few months earlier, he'd been contacted by a high-powered financier to audition for a new boys' singing group. ... Life was a dream. Then God intensified the plot.

  • When Life and Beliefs Collide by Carolyn Custis James
         Although at times it unsettles us, the Bible sets our lives squarely within the parameters of God's reign. The details of women's lives are part of God's great plan. Most women don't see their lives in such bold terms. A lot of women live with a subterranean sense that God doesn't have a plan for them. If there is a plan at, it is only temporary and quickly discarded when "someone" comes along with a real plan.

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    On September 11, a previously unthinkable act of violence against our nation occurred. We were shocked saddened and outraged. The memory of that day will be with us all our lives.

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