Strange Visitors
by Dr. Samuel Larsen
The coming of the magi, therefore, underscores a recurrent theme of redemptive history. The birth of Jesus the Messiah is a profound missionary event. God's global redemptive plan includes the gathering of the nations at the feet of His Anointed. The coming of the Magi is also a missionary event -- God's grace reaching out to the nations and drawing them to Himself through His Son...
Capturing the Hearts of Women
by Becky Hobbs
If you’re a woman at Second Presbyterian Church in Memphis, Tennessee, you can bet that Susan Nash (RTS ‘80) is out to get you -- into Women’s Ministries, that is. As Director of the very successful multi-faceted program, Susan, with her team of leaders, is committed to helping as many women as possible grow spiritually and develop their God-given gifts...
Journey Out of Darkness
by Becky Hobbs
Jay Modha was stunned and extremely angry! His brother Jimmy had just confessed to his family that he had become a Christian. No other news, even of Jimmy’s death, could have been worse. Jay had been brought up in a devout Brahmin Hindu home in Leicester, England... His brother had just shattered their reputation.

Winter 1998

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Volume 17, Number 4


Whatever Happened to the Hippocratic Oath?
by Dr. Harold O.J. Brown
It was the influence of Hippocrates, a pagan Greek from the fifth century B.C., that made the physician responsible to the pa-tient and took medicine out of the realm of religion and the occult and set it on a scientific course. Hippocratic medicine was a human skill, not a magical art, and its fundamental principle became respect for the human dignity of the patient, not for any king or other employer...
Americans: Take Charge of Your Health!
Q and A With Dr. C. Everett Koop
A Widow’s Mighty Mite
by Becky Hobbs
For the first November in twenty-three years, the house at 296 Chewacla Drive in Auburn, Alabama, will be dark during the week before Thanksgiving. Elta Boyd’s Annual Open House will be no more. No happy shoppers will enter her doors, wondering what irresistible craft Elta cooked up this year to tempt their pocketbooks. There’ll be no unhurried visiting, with that second cup of tea, to mull over the week’s happenings in their small part of the world...
President's Column
by Luder Whitlock
Ultimately the profound questions of life and its meaning are religious. Moreover, religion lies at the foundation of every culture or civilization, as has been pointed out so perceptively by Samuel Huntington in his The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order. If we begin to think seriously and deeply about life, we cannot escape the question of our relationship to God. Wherever we turn, He confronts us...


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