"And She Gave Birth
to a Sonů"
Revelation 12:5
By Dr. Simon Kistemaker
     During the weeks before Christmas, we customarily read those Old Testament passages that impart messianic prophecies about the coming of Christ, especially those in Isaiah 7 and 9. Then on Christmas day we read the stories of Jesus' birth recorded in Matthew 2 and Luke 2. But when we are asked if there is anything else in the New Testament that speaks about the birth of the Messiah, we seem to be at a loss for words. And yet, there is more information, be it in a different form and context.

Guilhermino Cunha: Caring Pastor, Visionary Leader
     Fifteen-year-old Guilhermino Cunha watched as the poor, semi-literate Portuguese man attempted to read the Scriptures to those attending the small open-air rally. Light from the kerosene lanterns danced on the man's earnest face as he sat in front of the small Brazilian farmhouse covered with coconut leaves, struggling to sound out the words.

Pray Down the Power of God!
By Dr. Mark D. Futato
     What do you pray for? Stop and think about two or three things for which you pray frequently. Is the word "power" on the list? Do you pray often for God's power? When the Apostle Paul prayed for the church at Ephesus, he asked "that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know...His incomparably great power" (Eph. 1:19; emphasis added). Paul wanted the Ephesian Christians not only to know about that power, but also to know its reality in day-to-day living.

Winter 1999

RTS Reformed Quarterly Winter 1999
Cover art:
Be Still and Know That I Am God
by Craig Alan Carlson

Volume 18, Number 4
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Do You Hear the Rumble?
President's Column

by Dr. Luder Whitlock
     A few years ago few people gave any thought to the new millennium, as demonstrated by the fact that computers were not programmed for 2000 A.D. Suddenly the Y2K alarm sounded. In recent years apocalyptic warnings proliferated; a few people even predicted the end of the world shortly after the New Year.
     The Third Millennium is now only days away and almost everyone is thinking about it. As the clock inexorably ticks its countdown to the final hours before the dawning of the new millennium, we sense a major milestone in human history awaits.

Partnership Pays Off
     Never in his wildest imagination did former RTS Professor Ligon Duncan think he would be where God has placed him now - as Senior Pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, Mississippi. While the pastorate was always near and dear to his heart, he thought certainly he would cut his teeth on a small church, then teach in a seminary somewhere.

How You Can Rescue the Oppressed
Q. and A.
with Gary Haugen

Intl. Justice Mission

Scholar With a Heart for His Students
     RTS/Charlotte Professor Dr. Harold O.J. Brown may have four degrees from Harvard (one of them magna cum laude) and a Fulbright Scholarship under his belt, but you won't find him standing on any ceremony because of it. He'd really rather be talking with students about downhill skiing or mountain climbing, two subjects about which he is very enthusiastic.
     A theologian recognized the world over, he is also known as one who cares deeply for his students. Says RTS Executive Vice President Ric Cannada, "Harold Brown is a preeminent scholar whose name and abilities are respected across the globe, but he is also a teacher who is involved individually with students, helping them both in their academic growth and in their personal lives."



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