Dr. Luder Whitlock
President's Column

Do You Hear the Rumble?

by Dr. Luder Whitlock

...As the clock inexorably ticks its countdown to the final hours before the dawning of the new millennium, we sense a major milestone in human history awaits.

     Some years ago few people gave any thought to the new millennium, as demonstrated by the fact that computers were not programmed for 2000 A.D. Suddenly the Y2K alarm sounded. In recent years apocalyptic warnings proliferated; a few people even predicted the end of the world shortly after the New Year.

     The Third Millennium is now only days away and almost everyone is thinking about it. As the clock inexorably ticks its countdown to the final hours before the dawning of the new millennium, we sense a major milestone in human history awaits.

     As the hours flit away and the twentieth century becomes history, we are also aware that it has been a breathtaking ride during the past exciting one hundred years. So much has happened one can hardly take it in: the advent of the automobile, the airplane, the computer, television, the Internet, and the exploration of space. It has also been a century of strife -- world wars, the atomic bomb and globalization.

     Life has changed dramatically in a hundred years - even the last fifty. It has become a different world, and it is still changing - quickly. Listen carefully and you will hear a deep rumbling, the shifting sounds of the very foundations of our culture. It may be too soon to know what will emerge from this transition, but it has caused some knowledgeable people to assert that we are not only watching the end of the twentieth century, we are probably watching the end of the modern age.

     Though this has been the century of Billy Graham and massive international evangelism, genuine Christians have become a virtual minority in the USA. In spite of the huge interest in spirituality and the large percentage of the population who claim to be Christian, the culture is increasingly indifferent if not hostile to Christianity. In that respect this century marks the failure of Christians to evangelize and educate their own constituency and those who were receptive.

     Though we have spent much of our time criticizing and railing against others, perhaps it is time we acknowledged our own failure - the sin at our door. Will we admit it, repent, and call on the Lord to forgive us and make us a fresh example of His love, mercy, and truth?

     The arrival of the Third Millennium provides us a natural opportunity to regroup, recommitting ourselves to the Gospel with humility and compassion. From the ashes of our failure, the Lord is able to raise up a powerful and spiritual movement - a new Reformation.

     At RTS, we have been working and praying for that from the moment of our birth. With undimmed hope we greet the new millennium, trusting the Lord to multiply our efforts as He did the fish and loves (Matthew 14: 13-21). We have come a long way in just over thirty years, but we have a long way to go. Sometimes it is daunting, but with the Lord, as we have learned, nothing is impossible. So we greet the new age with a cheerful faith and a humble, willing spirit. The Lord reigns. The year 2000 AD (anno domini) will again be the year of our Lord.

- Dr. Luder G. Whitlock, Jr.

Reformed Quarterly, Volume 18, Number 4
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